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Leonard Earl Johnson (photo credit Frank Parsley) covered Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), and the 2010 British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for ConsumerAffairs.com. He is a contributor to Gambit Weekly, New Orleans Magazine, SCAT, Baton Rouge Advocate, Advocate Magazine, The Times-Picayune, Country Roads Magazine, Palm Springs Newswire and the anthologies: FRENCH QUARTER FICTION (Light of New Orleans Publishing), LOUISIANA IN WORDS (Pelican Publishing), LIFE IN THE WAKE (NOLAfuges.com), and more. Johnson is a former Merchant Seaman, and columnist at Les Amis de Marigny, New Orleans; and African-American Village. Attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship at Piney Point, Maryland. Winner of the Press Club of New Orleans Award for Excellence, 1991, and given the Key to The City and a Certificate of Appreciation from the New Orleans City Council for a Gambit Weekly story on murder in the French Quarter.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

⚓ Snowball In The Sun / May 2024

  ~ Fiction ~

Roman à clef, cher.

Created A. I. free

by Leonard Earl Johnson 

of Lafayette and New Orleans, Louisiana


© 2024, Leonard Earl Johnson, All Rights Reserved 


May 2024




⭐ Snowball in the Sun

Continuation of the Red Women Warriors Series

BY  Leonard Earl Johnson

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© 2024, Leonard Earl Johnson, All Rights Reserved

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~ * ~     ~ * ~     ~ * ~

Snowball in the Sun


by Leonard Earl Johnson

~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~

The boastful engineer's long pull on the whistle announced a smackdab ontime, 5:12 p.m., arrival from Houston, Texas, at the Rosa Parks Transportation Centré, downtown Lafayette, Louisiana.

The Mulatto, the so nicknamed barista at Rêve Coffee Roasters, says to Hildegarde Bottlebrush,

"That's not something you see everyday, Amtrickle running ontime!"

The two women cross Jefferson Street heading for the Amtrak loading platform.

Aboard the train, Sylvia tucks the green alligator briefcase ~ containing the Republican Snowball ~ under her footrest, and stretches out atop the last recliner lounge seat in the last carriage on the Sunset Limited, Eastbound for New Orleans.

Stormy Daniels
 Pride of Baton Rouge

Balthazar moves into the seat next to Sylvia, touching her green briefcase with the toe of his shrimper's white rubber boot as he does.  

Balthazar is a poet / fisherman and his white rubber boots have sparkling plastic jewels hot glued round the tops.  His right boot brushes briefly but sharply against her left ankle.

The train pulls out and they settle down into their seats waving to Hildegarde, who gave them a ride to the station.  The Mulatto hands Hildegarde one of the two paper cups she is holding and the two wave the train off from the platform.

Sylvia and Balthazar are headed to New Orleans for a meeting tomorrow with Stormy Daniels ~ the pornography industries' award winning erotic film actress from Baton Rouge, currently in a New York curtain call performance trimming Donald Trump's presidential poll.

Their meeting has been arranged by Gennifer Flowers, hostess-emeritus of the Kelsto Club Lounge, in the French Quarter, across from Antoine's Restaurant, on Rue Saint Louis.  

Flowers was once seen daily frolicking above the fold in splashy newsprint about her acquaintance with President Bill Clinton ~ when they all lived in Arkansas, and Hillary was a curiosity to everyone. 

"You'll get good government when you pull the politicians off the booty, the bottle, and the boobs, huh," Balthazar says.

Silvia glares at him and slaps a circular sticker to his shirt collar.  It reads, "Love America Love The Donald."

The meeting with Stormy Daniels, a.k.a., Stephanie Gregory Clifford, is set for high noon at The Wrinkle Room on Rue Chartres.

"Makes Louisianans get a prideful swelling in their hearts," the Mayor-President of the state's capital city sarcastically remarks, on Friday's broadcast of Jim Engster's Talk Louisiana

The erudite master of the highwire microphone replies, "Or somewhere lower."  Switchboards in all sixty-four Parishes of the Sportsman's Paradise instantly light up. 


The Sunset Limited slips alongside the Superdome and comes to a full stop ontime, inside New Orleans ironically named Union Terminal.  They gather carry-on bags and the green alligator briefcase and catch the red streetcar to the French Quarter.  

The next morning Balthazar removes one of the hundred dollar banknotes from his right boot's secret yellow jewel lockbox.  The money was given him by The Rector of Lafayette's Cathedral of Saint John The Evangelist, for a little porcelain rocking chair memento of the JFK assassination.  He places the greenback on the counter, and it is instantly snatched up by the saleslady at, "Home of the Muffuletta," Central Grocery on Decatur, across from the Mississippi River levee.  In exchange, she hands him a stack of red and white butcher paper wrapped sandwiches.

Sylvia and Balthazar take a pedicab to the Wrinkle Room and spread the unwrapped sandwiches atop the bar, in hopes the press will be lured to see two famed Louisiana Cupids unveiling Sylvia's Republican Snowball ~ and eat muffulettas and beer for free.

The door swings open and a gash of noontime light cuts across the brick floor.
~ To be continued ~
  © 2024, Leonard Earl Johnson, All Rights Reserved


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