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Thursday, July 01, 2021

⚓ The Ladies Wore Red / July 2021



"No tribe nor nation 
ever slaughtered their innocents 
without Gott's "OK," 
ceremonially granted by priests
and heralded by the choir."
 L. A. Norma

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July 2021


The Ladies Wore Red

Fiction ~
Roman à clef, cher! 
BY Leonard Earl Johnson 
 www.LEJ.world âœ

© 2021, Leonard Earl Johnson, All Rights Reserved 


The Lady walked out of the Rosa Parks Transportation Centre women's room leading a dozen or so similarly attired women.  All in red.  From red rubber shoes to red ribboned hat.


"We were on the train four hours from New Orleans," the red leader said to L. A. Norma as she pulled a red can of Coke from a machine that looked itself like a giant red can of Coke.  The giant red Coke promised that smaller red Cokes inside were made from, "Natural Sugar," as though that would be good for your health and wellbeing.  

We are deep in the heart of Louisiana sugarcane country.

Some ladies carried red, white and blue felt pennants attached to red sticks (made in China).  All wore sashes proclaiming:

"💓Love America?
Love The Donald!"

"As if that would be good for your health and wellbeing!" L. A. Norma said.

The ladies ~ called Red Women Warriors for The Donald ~ were traveling coastal Louisiana organizing a statewide Zoom-rally for their cause. Streaming July Fourth from Baton Rouge.

"Because the train rocked so, we couldn't use the restroom till now!" one lady told Norma.  Her red, white, and blue pennant bobbed as she talked.  It read, 'Turn Back Voter Turn Out.'

Norma handed each of them a card for her fictitious July 14, Biden on Bastille Day
Falsely promised on Lafayette's outdoor International Stage, a block from where we were standing at the Rosa Parks Transportation Centre's Amtrak stop.

A bronze statue of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus seat ~ today wearing a blue COVID mask ~ watched.  The seat by her side was empty.  Tourists sometimes sit there and have their picture taken.  None of the red ladies did this.  Their leader walked among them and gathered Norma's handouts.  Two refused to turn over theirs.  They were asked to remove their sashes and signs reading, 'Committee to Revive the War in Vietnam.'  Then they were moved to the rear of the group. 

They all departed for a late lunch at Dwyers Café on Jefferson Street.  Norma lit a Camel and we walked over to Rêve Coffee Roasters on that Great Artway.

Two days later we returned to the Rosa Parks Centre and watched the Red Ladies boarding the train for Lake Charles, Louisiana. ~ www.LEJ.world✍

Leonard Earl Johnson with Rosa Parks / photo credit: Mark Konikoff

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Leonard Earl Johnson, www.LEJ.world✍
Photograph Â© Leonard Earl Johnson

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